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25 More New Years

The world is saying goodbye to 2021 and ringing in the new year of 2022, in hopes that we all see a “better day” come Midnight.  After 21-ish months of fear, angst and uncertainty, not to mention the distance that this Covid Monster has breathed into our lives, I too am waiting for God Himself to drive this devil out of town for good.


But for me on this particular New Years Eve, as all four of our babies sleep (for now) as the fireworks start to pick up pace, I reflect with the utmost gratitude for what 2021 has done for our family, and for that what the last 25 years have done for me.  In May of this year we welcomed our Rhett Reuben.  He was born with his “dukes up”, ready to take on the world; and now at 7 months old he’s a solid little bear, who will no doubt pass up all 3 of his big siblings one day!  Our oldest is 4 ½ , so you can imagine the daily chaos of our household.  Truth be told, I’ve never cursed so much in my life, I’ve literally cried over spilled milk, and if you ask my husband Jeff and I how we’re feeling, our current state of health is “tired”!


Yet through all of it, I hold steady in my heart a constant state of gratitude.  Tonight I reflect and I celebrate and I give thanks for the 25 “extra years” I received on New Year’s Eve in 1996 in the form of a double lung and liver transplant.  25 years…that’s like 60% of my whole life!  I am so humbled by God who has been forever merciful and faithful to me, who has heard my every cry and prayer and answered them in ways I couldn’t have imagined.


I am truly thankful for every person who has walked beside me throughout my life’s 40 years; each and every one has been a tremendous gift, part of the reason I am here today.  And I remain deeply grateful and mindful of my donor family.  In the most tragic of circumstances, they helped fulfill God’s will for my life and their daughter’s life, and I know their reward will be great in Heaven.


So I am ending 2021 on a high note! — Don’t let your heart be troubled or fearful; instead show kindness, live in Joy and remain in gratitude.


love Leigh