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What Fear Can Do; What Faith Can Do

Dear Friends,

It makes me sad – the amount of anger this world carries. I could cry if I thought deeply about it, educated myself more through the daily headlines, removed myself from the safe bubble in which I thankfully live. And where does this closed state of heart, this defensive state of mind come from?

Most of the time our anger is brought on by fear, and let’s face it, we all possess some fear or another. Most of us carry a ton of fears with us in our daily walk. Our fears not only cause us to be angry, but insecure and even unlovable at times (not to God, of course). We fear rejection, insignificance, abandonment, loss, and all sorts of other conditions or situations that could find us lonely or in any kind of pain. But this is what we have to understand – it’s okay. No person will ever be able to rid themselves fully of these feelings because that comes with the vulnerability of being human. God made us this way…with a whole variety of emotions that ebb and flow and sometimes just don’t ebb and flow as we would like them. At the end of the day we have to come to the realization that our vulnerabilities are meant to be, the way God intended it. For it is through our vulnerabilities, – aka our emotions, aka our humanity, that we are called to our knees before God.

We have to be willing to walk through our fears, as terrorizing as we think that walk will be. If we avoid them and wall ourselves up then they can dictate our lives and keep us from ever loving freely and living freely, especially freely with the Spirit of God in our hearts. When our fears become this strong, the joy in our souls can become depleted and we can be left debilitated to a real understanding of our self-worth as God’s children. And gosh – nothing good comes from losing your self-value!

No one has had a perfect life, an exceptional deal, and even if it seems that way, struggle or strife pays a visit to everyone at some time or another in some form or another. Handling your fears perfectly is a road that doesn’t exist, my friends, but I find that if you mindfully live with the presence of God, the peace of Christ in your heart than it can be easier. Instead of misplacing fear with anger or hiding from it, we should use this human vulnerability for our benefit – to come closer to God, as we ask Him to give us strength, to even carry us at times, to enable us to deal with our fears.

There is so much anger in our world, and so much is brought on by people living in fear. We need to make more of an effort to smile and not judge, to not be so quick to react harshly off of our own feelings. We need to understand that our fears are normal, but in order for them to not have such an affect on our love and life, we must let them go to God’s care, along with everything else!