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the purpose within us

Hello again friends!

So, my apologies for sounding a bit morbid so soon in this blogging adventure…but I often think about how I would plan my last moments on this earth, if I could.  It would be more of a process than an instant, something that kept me alive with time enough to come face to face with everyone that I’ve ever known, and I mean everyone! I would look each person in their eyes and tell them sincerely “I love you”. “Thank you”. “You were important to me”, everyone from the receptionist at the hospital clinic who checks me in for my appointments, to my best girlfriends, to my college Poli Sci professor I haven’t seen in a decade, all the way from my grandma to the love of my life, and everyone in between! They have all come together in such a way to make up each millisecond that has passed in the last 32 years, to make my life, well, my life. I would want to give them my one last “thanks”, one last bit of recognition for who they were and what they meant, at the very least, to little old me.

Everyone is here for a reason, a purpose, whether it seems great or small. We all make up this glorious community we call Earth. Especially in a world that can be filled with so much sadness and hate, I believe that it is our job not only as true Christians, but just simply as good human beings, to be present for each other. We are not here to serve ourselves but to serve our brothers and sisters. We are to show Love in this world, no matter what. And God is Love!

I am not disillusioned with the idea that world peace is something we can achieve…because if we could accomplish that in this world then there would be no need for Heaven. In fact, as we live in this beautiful yet imperfect dwelling, the peace of Heaven should be our ultimate desire. But as we are called to be stewards of humanity, we should do all that we can to bolster, to nourish, the fruits of kindness, joy, hope, peace, and ultimately love into the hearts of our neighbors. And it is through this, my friends, that our life’s most important purpose is fulfilled. And the best news is this – it doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, where you live, what your career is or how much money you make. The prerequisite to being a steward of humanity is that you are here on this earth and you allow the love of God into your heart!

The love of God can do amazing things! Love makes way for so many other beautiful gifts to grow inside of us; gifts that can be used to strengthen us in difficult times, provide comfort when we don’t understand, and give us the desire to sacrifice for others, to even die to ourselves.

It is so easy to get caught up in selfish desires and the responsibilities of living, that we lose sight of God’s role for us; we go dumb and numb to His constant calling. I am just as guilty as the next person! It is part of our human condition. But, the truly wise person (wise with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit) knows how to quickly get back to that peaceful place of surrender, the place of rest in our Father’s loving arms. When I catch myself complaining or having a pity party, I am so thankful that my faith, as it has molded me, says, “Okay, you’ve had your 30 seconds of feeling sorry for yourself. Now, get over it and get back to the good stuff…duh…don’t you have a ton of blessings to be thankful for!?!”. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to belittle anyone’s struggles. From cancer to a broken heart to a hangnail, if it’s your problem it’s a big deal to you…and that’s what our brothers and sisters are here for – to bandaid your finger or hold your hand through the tough stuff.

We should strive to remember our most basic and important purpose – to be a symbol of God, a sign of love, to the receptionist, teacher, spouse or grandparent, those who share this world with us. You just might find that it is only in giving that you receive!

Until next time and with love,