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love > fear: drowning out persecution

Hi friends,

There is so much ongoing persecution in our world, it makes me wonder if there will ever be a day when it will stop, or at least subside a bit. Of course we know that this life will not be perfect, but I often question what it is that makes this epidemic of hatefulness continue to grow, and if there is any more that good people can do to help. We pray, we hug our loved ones tighter, and we’re kind to strangers. But what else can we do?

Sadly, persecution is easily nurtured by a sad and selfish world. From the beginning of man and throughout all ages and even more evident now in our modern media-driven world, this horrible activity remains. I don’t know if it just seems more prevalent now because there are many platforms on which to act it out and more means of hearing about it, but every time you turn on the news channel or tap in online, there are stories of families being slaughtered by religious terrorist regimes and 14-year-old children ending their own lives.

Jesus taught us to love one another as you love yourself, Gandhi preached about methods to attain harmony and peace, and many fearless leaders have come in between and after to do the same. While incredible and inspiring men and women have walked this earth demonstrating this decree, there are many who have forgotten or who have turned from it. And why?

Persecution, or as I call it, the grown-up word for bullying, stems from ignorance, intimidation and fear.

We must teach our children, be examples to our friends and neighbors, of how to genuinely love and respect. Even if we don’t understand someone’s behavior, choices and ideologies, we must remove that fear that bears intimidation and educate ourselves to love all of God’s people before the ignorance takes over our hearts and minds. Unfortunately we are not going to change the world, but we do have the ability to affect the lives of those within our short reach.

I heard it said once that the nightmare ends only when our love becomes greater than our fear. Instead of acting upon our fears, we must offer them to God wholeheartedly. If we can get into the practice of doing this, then we can stop the negative feelings they create inside of us and, even better, we will be better able to prevent them from affecting others.

With love,